Sponsorship Gokautomaat BV

Our newest sponsorship comes from a company called Gokautomaat BV. This company offers slot machines online through various casinos that it manages. Some examples include Yebo Casino and Pink Taco Casino. Yebo Casino has a snackbar theme, of the Dutch kind. Like the ones where you can get food out of the wall. While Pink Taco casino is a happy and cheerful casino with an animated pink taco as a mascot. Even though these casinos both have a food inspired theme, the focus when it comes to games lays with slot machines. That’s why the company is called Gokautomaat BV, as gokautomaat means slot machine in Dutch.

Special edition

This sponsorship is very special to us, because Gokautomaat BV offers us something that we love ourselves. But we have to share it with our customers, something we will gladly do. The thing is, the company has offered us 10 special edition Audi A8 Limousines with two tablets on the headrest on which passengers can play slot machines. That means that there’s a WiFi connection in the cars. It gets even better as the company offers the first €20 of play money on the house. Now that is something our customers will enjoy.

More money

If you want to play with more money after using the €20 that’s at your disposal, you are free to create an account and deposit money on it. It’s actually not a bad idea to do this right away, since you’ll know for sure that you’ll be playing at a safe casino with a Maltese license. So wait no longer and rent an Audi A8 Limousine to supply you with your transport and entertainment needs. Because, besides the slot machines, this was already one of the best cars in our fleet.

Works both ways

We have also worked out another deal with Gokautomaten BV. In their casinos you can collect A.Points, in which the A stands for Audi. These points are collected every time you play a slot machine that involves cars, like Drive or Hotline. If you have saved enough points, you are entitled to a weekend with one of these luxurious cars. You can use it for a weekend away, or just impress the people around you with a brand new car. Or you can use it as a test drive in case you are looking to buy a car yourself. The possibilities are endless.

Be careful

Even though playing in online casinos is a lot of fun and we are advertising it on our website, we would still like to urge you to be careful about it. Not every casino online is as reliable as the casinos owned by Gokautomaat BV. In addition to that you should be careful with the amount of money you want to wager. You should never spend more than you can afford and for that reason it’s good to set a budget before playing. And stick to that budget. If you feel like you have to play one last round for a win, it’s best to leave the game and take a little break. This is usually enough to get your head out of the game and force yourself to stick to your budget. Other than that, we wish you the best of luck and a lot of great winnings during the safe kilometres you drive with us. You also need to be careful in the casino about card counting. This is a technique that people use to win at blackjack or other card games. It is a very popular thing in Asia to do. In the Thai language you would say การนับไพ่ for the practice of counting cards.