About Us

In 2003, this business was started by Eric Hanco, who is now the CEO. Although he’s the big guy in charge, he is very involved with the business. You can find him in our facility at any given time helping customers and perfecting their rental experience. Additional to our car rental business, we opened a full service mechanic shop. Currently, we are only servicing our personal cars, but in 2018, we will open our doors for car owners in Bangkok.

At Hanco-KSA, we pride ourselves on having competitive prices, but focus more on you, the customer. We can proudly say we are the best when it comes to customer service. We care about you and what you think about the services we provide. To ensure our customers have the best experience, two of the things we do are thoroughly clean the car from the inside out, and never rent any vehicle that is older than three years old. We believe you deserve the best, so we make sure you have a reliable vehicle so you can explore Bangkok in its entirety.

Our business has come a long way from what it once was. What can you expect from us today? You can expect friendly smiles, helpful staff, and reasonably priced rental cars. We have vehicles with the highest rated safety standards to ensure everyone remains safe. You can’t really have a vacation without a luxury rental car. Even if it’s only for one day, live a little and have fun. We’re here to make all of your car rental dreams come true with our limousine rental. When you’re renting from the best company in town, there are no worries.

For 14 years, we’ve left our mark on the map. We want to share our greatness with you and provide you with great customer service, as well as, extraordinary rental vehicles you will want to rent more than once. We want to give you a taste of the high life to enjoy while you’re here. Going the extra mile to ensure your standards and needs are met are our specialty. No one wants to have a bad time while they’re here, and we don’t want you to. We’re dedicated to making sure your rental needs are taken care of, and you enjoy your stay.

Most car rentals can’t wait to make sales, but with Hanco-KSA, we are dedicated to the people, not money. We want you to feel welcome, and it’s our goal to make sure you feel appreciated, as well as welcomed. We will make your rental experience one you can’t wait to tell your friends, relatives, and colleagues. We are different from other car rental companies, and we take pride in that. We at Hanco-KSA set the standard for all car rental businesses in Bangkok. We bring you the latest, stylish, trending, luxurious cars so you can be comfortable during your trip. We want you to be happy and enjoy driving our vehicles. If there is an issue, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We are problem-solvers who are ready to help make any problem better. Hanco-KSA is a name you can rely on. Contact us today for your awesome rental car experience.